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Tal lever HSH-S
  • Tal lever HSH-S

Tal lever HSH-S

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Tali (telphers) are suspension mechanisms for lifting and lowering various loads. Manual hoists are used with a manual drive, that is, they are set in motion by a person with his own hands. The hoist consists of a body, a hook for hanging the load and a brake device that prevents the load from lowering during lifting. Manual hoists are divided by type of drive, and there are chain gear and linkage. Manual chain hoist has two chains - traction and cargo. It can be hung up to a height of 6 meters. The worker easily pulls the traction chain down, thereby lifting the load. Lever hoist. The worker, using the lever, drives the lifting mechanism, when the lever is pressed, the cable is wound up, lifting the load. The hoists are used in construction and installation works, in repairs, etc. The main advantage of manual hoists is mobility, low weight and small dimensions.

Tal lever HSH - S

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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